Hiring Manager

„kempers is the most competent recruitment company I have ever worked with. They have a thorough dialogue with us first, then extensive screening of candidates and even follow up after three months of hiring. Last time I searched for one but ended up taking two qualified candidates.“
Kai Thygesen, Sales Director, Cryos International

“We have been working with kempers Recruiting for several years now. I particularly appreciate that the consultants go beyond the technical job description and have a very good understanding of who fits into our company. The selection of candidates is targeted and the personal fit with our corporate culture is excellent. We maintain open, clear and honest communication, which puts the collaboration on a confidential basis.”
Dr. Frank Harms, Managing Director, Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungslagen GmbH

“kempers Recruiting & Consulting has already provided us with excellent support in filling various positions in sales and office staff. From the precise coordination of the the candidate profile, the very systematic and thorough selection process and the support during integration we trust the expertise of the responsible business unit at all times. Not only the interests of the client, but also those of the candidates are taken into account. For the life science sector, I can recommend the team at kempers without reservation.”
Frank Nowas, Managing Director, YMC Europe GmbH

“I really appreciate working with Michael Kempers because he and his team familiarise themselves with the open position and really try to understand the challenges and necessities. For now more than 15 years, we have successfully filled on various functions and hierarchical levels. If I need support, I will continue to turn to Michael.”
Bernd Fabian, CEO Meyra Group

“kempers Recruiting & Consulting has already been supporting us for several years in filling various positions in the specialist and management area for our chemical production facilities at the Dormagen site: from the precise coordination of the candidate profile, the very systematic and thorough selection process through to support after recruitment, you can always rely on the expertise of the responsible Chemicals Business Unit under the leadership of Thomas Lütke-Entrup. For the chemicals sector I can recommend the kempers team without reservation.”
Thilo Zech, Recruiting Manager INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

“We have been working with the kempers team for several years now and, without exception, the support has always been extremely professional and competent. What we particularly appreciate is the detailed analysis of the client, the corporate culture and the profile we are looking for. The company does not simply place personnel, but takes a holistic view of the customer and their specific needs. The customer’s specific needs are analysed, as are the potential candidates. This clearly sets the quality of the search apart from many other recruitment companies. Thanks to this basis of trust, the Kempers team has already been able to find and present us with outstanding candidates on several occasions, even for difficult-to-fill positions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and would like to thank them for their great support so far.”
Eva Davenport, Director International HR, Myriad Genetics GmbH

“We have been working successfully with kempers Recruiting & Consulting for many years. kempers is more than just a service provider for us, but a real partner who supports us in our search for the best talent for our company. The process is professional at all times, transparent and on an equal footing. It should be emphasised in particular that the kempers consultants, thanks to their knowledge of the laboratory and analytical equipment sector, understand our specific needs. This leads to efficient coordination and a streamlined process for us in the search for candidates.”
Dr Jürgen Pankratz, Managing Director, VERDER SCIENTIFIC

“I have had good experiences with kempers Recruiting both as an applicant and as a hiring manager. In both cases, I have found the collaboration to be very positive. As a candidate, I experienced a short, transparent process in which the highest level of confidentiality was maintained. As a hiring manager, I found the transparent recruitment process with clear feedback from the market very well. During the process, we changed the requirements profile on the recommendation of the consultant in order to attract the right candidates.”
Torsten Marx, Managing Director, Wetrok GmbH

“For me, Michael Kempers and his consultancy is the first port of call when it comes to qualified specialists in laboratory technology and life sciences. The fact that I have known and valued Michael for more than two decades enables a trusting and open relationship at eye level, which I greatly appreciate, especially as Managing Partner.”
Dr Gunther Wobser, Managing Partner, LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GmbH & Co. KG

“The collaboration with kempers Recruiting is characterised by tailor-made support and a constructive dialogue throughout the entire process. When filling our positions, kempers Recruiting not only emphasises the technical requirements, but the consultants also take care to identify candidates for our specialist and management positions whose personal values and ambitions harmonise with our corporate culture. We value the long-standing and trust-based partnership with kempers Recruiting.”
Corinna Kunz, HR Director Global, VERDER SCIENTIFIC


“From the first approach to the final assessment, the kempers Consulting team was very competent, responsive and professional. I really enjoyed the intensive process. In summary, a top performance and a clear recommendation.”
Davic Szczesny, Managing Director, Laboratory Equipment

“The quality of the work of the professionals at kempers speaks for itself: kempers has been with me for almost
20 years. I have come to appreciate their performance, professionalism and friendliness in various situations: in my own placement, in the establishment of a department for test benches despite an empty labour market and during outplacement coaching.”
Holger Reichmann, Head of R&D, Mechanical Engineering

“When a consultant from kempers Recruiting approached me about a job offer, I initially declined. The consultant persisted, called me again and after some consideration I started the application process. Now I’m very glad that I did. I feel at home in my new position and in the new company. It’s great that the consultant assessed the fit so well.”
Thomas Brohr, Sales Manager, Life Sciences

“Overall, the application process with kempers was very straight forward and quick. My consultant took great care of me, the exchange of information was to the point.”
Matthias Schlößer, Manager Sales & Purchasing, waste disposal company

“The discussions with kempers’ consultant were very professional. The consultant persisted with me on me until I had made my decision. During the application phase, I received regular feedback and information. I felt very well supported and advised by kempers Recruiting.”
Kai Kischkau, Sales, cleaning equipment

“Communication with the recruiter was transparent, friendly and very professional throughout the entire process. I was informed promptly about every development and the preparation for the actual interviews were very helpful and motivating.”
J.Z., Service Support Specialist, Life Sciences

“In the cooperation with the recruiting company kempers, I experienced a consistently open and cordial
communication. The employees are extremely personable and have always taken my wishes seriously, which made the time we spent together during the recruiting process particularly pleasant.”
Dr. Silvia Schumann, Sales, Life Sciences

“The collaboration in the recruiting process with kempers was characterised by a very open way of communicating. The important information about the job description was communicated and the technical requirements needed for the advertised position were checked in detail by Simone Flachmann. This process enabled me to gain a comprehensive picture of the position. The placement with the new employer went smoothly, as did the support during the transition to the new professional challenge. One point that has proven to be a particular stand-out feature is kempers’ continued support after the recruitment phase, which clearly sets kempers apart from its competitors in the industry.”
Simon Schumacher, Sales, Life Sciences

“Working with my consultant Thomas Lütke-Entrup was very pleasant from start to finish. I particularly appreciated his support in drawing up the employment contract.”
Brigitta Slomsek, ERP Project Manager, Chemicals

“The collaboration with Torsten Knüpfer as part of my recruitment process worked really well. He always got back to me promptly and I always felt well looked after. Even after recruitment, kempers takes care of the applicants through feedback interviews.”
B. Bilger, Account Manager Life Sciences