Discover our expertise

Find managers and talents for a successful future and receive outplacement support.


Discover our expertise

Find managers and talents for a successful future and receive outplacement support.


Discover our expertise

Find managers and talents for a successful future and receive outplacement support.


Our commitment to your success

We would be happy to explain to you in detail how our holistic approach helps you to recruit specialists and managers who are a perfect fit for your company, not only professionally but also personally.
We analyse the specific requirements of your company, taking into account your corporate culture, your values and your long-term goals.
You can rely on our experience and commitment to attract the best talent for your company and shape a successful future together.

Develop requirements profile

The basis for successful recruitment is the creation of a skills profile for the position to be filled. In addition to technical and methodological competences, this also includes the required personality traits. For managers, leadership qualities, strategic goal-orientation, operational action-orientation and problem-solving skills are particularly important. For technical specialists, the focus is often on technology and product knowledge.
A decision matrix is drawn up for this purpose, on the basis of which the candidates are assessed in structured selection interviews.

Candidate acquisition

Based on a defined list of target companies and the requirements profile, our industry-experienced researchers identify potential candidates by calling the agreed companies. We also use renowned business platforms such as LinkedIn, XING and Experteer, our extensive and constantly growing database and our strong network. In the subsequent direct approach, we talk to the candidates about their motivation to change jobs and their career development. Interesting candidates are recruited for the application process.

Candidate selection

Suitable candidates for the vacant position in your company have been identified and have signalled their interest. Now it’s time to intensify communication with the potential new employees. This is always done personally and always by our experienced consultants. Based on the respective CVs, your consultant conducts a detailed, structured interview with the candidates and assesses the requirement criteria defined in the skills profile. This gives us a detailed picture of each candidate’s individual experience, competences and suitability. The best candidates from this process are presented to the client. For C-level executives, we also like to use psychological testing procedures.

Candidate presentation

Your consultant accompanies the candidates who best match your requirements to an initial interview at your company and provides intensive support to all parties involved after the initial interview. To this end, he actively obtains feedback from you and the candidates, advises you and moderates the process until the final decision is made.

Integration support

The vacancy in your company has been filled, your new specialist or manager has taken up the position – we are on hand to advise you on integrating your employee into your company. Our HR development experts will conduct structured feedback meetings with the line manager and the new employee after three and five months. We discuss the corporate communication and culture, offer guidance on procedures and processes and uncover potential discrepancies at an early stage. This enables your new employee to familiarise themselves with your company even more quickly and efficiently and carry out their tasks in a more targeted manner – a real benefit for them and your company.

Career Development

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Actively shaping your career path

We support managers in their career planning. To do this, we analyse their individual motives, identify their potential and develop their personal career path together. With more than two decades of experience in personnel diagnostics and personnel development, the Kempers team offers the necessary services from a single source. With our holistic approach, we prepare people specifically for their next career steps.

Personnel Diagnostics

Making well-founded personnel decisions

Diagnostic tools complement the selection of suitable candidates in the recruitment process. In addition to structured selection interviews and obtaining references, they are an important component in obtaining a coherent picture of the candidate. These tools also support HR managers in the further development of employees within the company. In the context of outplacement and career development, diagnostic tools help candidates to determine their position for further professional development.

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Support on the path to new opportunities

ith our customised outplacement service, we support your departing team members professionally and empathetically on their path to new professional challenges. With individual counselling and coaching, we ensure that they not only make a successful start to their next professional phase, but also emerge from this change stronger and with new self-confidence.

“From the precise coordination of the candidate profile to the very systematic and thorough selection process to the support after recruitment, you can always rely on the expertise of the responsible business unit. Not only the interests of the client, but also those of the candidates are taken into account comprehensively.”

Frank Nowas, Managing Director, YMC Europe GmbH

“The collaboration with kempers Recruiting is characterised by tailor-made support and a constructive dialogue throughout the entire process.”

Corinna Kunz, HR Director Global, VERDER SCIENTIFIC

“It is particularly important to emphasise that the kempers consultants understand our specific needs thanks to their in-depth industry knowledge in the laboratory and analysis equipment segment. This leads to efficient coordination and a streamlined process for us when searching for candidates.”

Dr. Jürgen Pankratz, Geschäftsführer, VERDER SCIENTIFIC

“As a Hiring Manager, I found the transparent recruitment process with clear feedback from the market very good. During the process, we changed the requirements profile on the recommendation of the consultant in order to attract the right candidates.”

Torsten Marx, Managing Director, Wetrok GmbH

“We don’t just place staff here, we take a holistic view of the customer and their specific needs, as well as the potential candidates. This clearly sets the quality of the search apart from many other recruitment companies. Thanks to this basis of trust, the Kempers team has been able to find us outstanding candidates for difficult-to-fill positions on several occasions. “

Eva Davenport, Director International HR, Myriad Genetics GmbH